No penis necessary

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While I hesitantly consider myself a sex writer, I more readily identify as a sex reader. I read many more words and articles than I produce. With this large swath of writing that I am consuming, I hear more and more about the orgasm gap that exists between men and women. Of course, the divide’s size depends on the kind of sex you are having and your familiarity with your partner. Still, it all points to the fact that women consistently have fewer orgasms than men.

“In one study… a 52% orgasm gap was found. 39 percent of women and…

Even though it’s what I mainly write about

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I have recently realized that if someone were to read my Medium profile and portfolio, they might notice that my writing centers around sex by a wide margin. I’d go as far as saying that 80%+ of my articles focus on the topic. Much of my other items deal with parenting.

This makes sense to me. I found Medium because of my desire to interact with other human beings around the topics of sex, love, and passion. It helps fill a role that is missing from my “normal” everyday life. Therefore, I tend to box myself in a bit here.

I’ll hide. You seek.

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Sometimes I like to retreat and hide from the world and reality. I will immerse myself in activities and fade away from everything else. Solitary distractions.

Sometimes I like to be chased. I often do so much of the chasing and initiating that I’ll fantasize of someone wanting me so badly that they come looking for me in the veil I have pulled around myself. Searching for my love, intimacy, voice. It’s the longing that allows you to find me.

Lover, come find me. I am in the deep inhale of breath, held in my lungs as I stretch. I…

Little moments add up to define my own, unique sexuality

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Recently, I was tagged in an article by Anne Shark to answer a question:

Bisexual. Kinky. Asexual. When did you know you were different than you once thought you were?”

I immediately knew that this was my kind of question and that I wanted to respond. But, as I sat down to really think about it, I realized that I’m not even sure that I have a specific, defining moment.

I believe I have many things about me that make me kinky or sexually different from vanilla sex (not knocking vanilla sex as it can also be awesome). And yet…

For me, there is no substitute

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  • Authors note: In this context, feminine doesn’t refer to a style of dress, sexuality, or gender. It is merely referring to the aspects of the feminine and Feminine Divine that comfort me. These can be found in many different places and ways. My life experience has had me finding it mainly in those who identify as female, but that doesn’t mean it is exclusive to that alone. It should also be noted that someone or something can exhibit both feminine and masculine energy. They are not always mutually exclusive.

Ever since I have been young, whenever I have found myself…

Becoming a more authentic version of myself

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Hello, my name is Edward Riley, and I’m a sex and relationship writer here on Medium.

Technically, that is not my real name. And, while I am a writer of sex and relationships, rest assured that this article will not dive into any topics that will make anyone feel uncomfortable with the content. This is not one of those articles of mine.

Instead, I am interested in exploring my increasing desire to merge my online pen name and my real-life self. My genuine, authentic self.

More and more, among those I love and trust, I have a desire to be…

Come correct or don’t come at all

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If you should choose to seek Her in Her place
Tread respectfully and leave absolutely no trace
You are only allowed by the grace of Her mercy
You are only allowed by the mercy of Her grace

Cover your body in honey and oil, a ceremonial tribute
Roll in floral blossoms and let the scent distribute
Present your anointed body to Her priestesses
For they are offered some of your best attributes

You shall submit to the acts of the ancient sacred rites
The acts are gentle, sensual — a sensory delight
The deeper the submission, the stronger it flows
A chorus of…

I want what I want

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Do you know what I want? I want to tell you…

I want you to walk in the door, throw your things to the side, and come towards me with a deliberate, aggressive pace.

I want you to stare me down directly into my eyes, as with each heavy footfall, you put an intriguing blend of mystery, fear, and excitement into my mind.

I want you to reach me and guide me to the ground in a manner not designed to hurt but to establish your control, your power.

I want you to follow me down and kiss me hard…

Edward Riley

Formerly Teadad. Dad, husband, sensualist, polymath. Lover of human sexuality, beauty, nature, the written word & much more.

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