Even though it’s what I mainly write about

I have recently realized that if someone were to read my Medium profile and portfolio, they might notice that my writing centers around sex by a wide margin. I’d go as far as saying that 80%+ of my articles focus on the topic. Much of my other items deal with parenting.

This makes sense to me. I found Medium because of my desire to interact with other human beings around the topics of sex, love, and passion. It helps fill a role that is missing from my “normal” everyday life. Therefore, I tend to box myself in a bit here.

Formerly known as Teadad

When I first joined Medium and made a profile, I didn’t ever expect to write on this platform. I was here to read and learn about sex and a lot of other topics. So, I chose a screen name. Teadad. I like tea. I’m a dad. Easy.

But now that I am here and writing and fully using this as a way to connect, I feel that it is time to have a proper name on here as I expand my boundaries and connections. So, here I am.

Edward Riley

Pleased to meet you. Again. I hope you continue to…

I’ll hide. You seek.

Sometimes I like to retreat and hide from the world and reality. I will immerse myself in activities and fade away from everything else. Solitary distractions.

Sometimes I like to be chased. I often do so much of the chasing and initiating that I’ll fantasize of someone wanting me so badly that they come looking for me in the veil I have pulled around myself. Searching for my love, intimacy, voice. It’s the longing that allows you to find me.

Lover, come find me. I am in the deep inhale of breath, held in my lungs as I stretch. I…

A poem about consensual interactions

You let me slide my hands over your hips
While I reintroduce my mouth to your lips
The weight of my desire could sink ships
I open my mouth to your tongue and take sips

You let me drink you in, I swallow
Any of your liquid, any amount, I wallow
Your love fills me up
Swelling to fill my emptiness, no longer hollow

You let me touch and caress As my hands tug and lift your dress Before I enter your temple, I confess And express that it's me that you completely possess Command…

Isn’t it interesting how relationships evolve?

Recently, my wife and I have been trying new things. Well, some are new. Some things have happened a few times in the past but were never consistent and have fallen into disuse in recent years.

Either way, new things are happening — new, good things.

More and more, my wife and I find ourselves finding each other’s bodies first thing in the mornings. In the past, these opportunities have been rare. Going through the to-do list to start the day while anticipating the kid's waking doesn’t usually spark the libido.

And yet…

Lately, there have been those times in…

The mind is a mysterious entity

I have always had quite a good handle on my orgasms. Even before I started exploring and practicing more tantric practices of withholding, my control over when I would let go into the ultimate release was above average. Sure, I am guilty of the rare premature ejaculation, as are most men. Still, for the most part, I’ve almost always been able to dictate when and how I was going to orgasm.

I say “almost always” because every once in a while, something will happen during sex that will sneak past my defenses and unleash my pleasure before I am ready…

The best man was actually the worst.

About ten years ago, my wife was a bridesmaid at the wedding of one of her childhood best friends. I’ve never been a massive fan of attending weddings and their receptions, but I was especially dreading this one.

The bride herself had always been decent enough to me, and I respected that my wife had a close relationship when they were younger. The problem both my wife and I had was who she was marrying. …

The undeniable power of touch and trust

As some who have been following my reading and sexual journey know, I have been exploring sexual healing practices in my writing and personal life. This is a thought exercise doing just that. This piece was written after conversations and consent from a friend who was intrigued by the work I am exploring. It is an imagined, fictional event and is meant to illustrate a situation between two people who are aware and consenting to the events. This is not meant to be taken as a practitioner/client relationship. Even in fictional form, this is a highly emotional and personal experience…

Edward Riley

Formerly Teadad. Dad, husband, sensualist, polymath. Lover of human sexuality, beauty, nature, the written word & much more. edwardsaudioadventures@gmail.com

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